Precision heat shrinkable tube heater High temperature heat shrinkable tube heating Heat shrinkable tube of Teflon heating ZHRS600B-2F-380

ZHRS600B-2F-380 is a precision heat shrinkable tube heating machine,designed for mass production.It can work for 24 hours in a row,process special products.The heating machine and the conveyer are used together to realize the precise heating of the heat shrinkable tube without damaging the wire. By manually adjusting the speed, the speed of the conveyor belt is kept uniform. The vertical distance and the parallel distance of the heating port to the conveyor belt can be adjusted, and the heat shrinkable tube of different size components can be heated.It is suitable for users with accurate heating requirements for wire harness,can also be applied to heat high temperature Teflon heat shrinkable tubes or large diameter and long heat shrinkable tube

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