Automatic dimming UV curing box Stepless dimming HWUV0133X-18

HWUV0133X-18 UV curing box, equipped with electronic power, stepless dimming.It is a multi-functional three-dimensional, three-dimensional, multi-faceted UV curable box suitable for mass production.Without ultraviolet leaks,it can protect human body from ultraviolet radiation, rotate tray automatically, solidify thoroughly, irradiate at all angles and without irradiation blind area.The system consists of three parts: manual shutter system, mobile light source and curing box.Because of its simple design, it is very good and reliable. It does not require any training and setting time. This system is ideal for the curing applications that often need to be moved. It is suitable for curing UV inks, UV coatings, UV varnishes, adhesives and sealing materials and fluorescence excitation

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